Different type of grit

Poland born, Chicago raised.

They say it gives me a different type of grit. I say that no matter the circumstance, medium, or budget, I can solve business problems and tell beautiful stories. 

All with a smile on my face.

My hat game is always on-point and I’ve worn different kinds in my career. Whether I’m the DP or shooting myself, if I’m supervising juniors and post-production teams, or designing that next campaign from scratch, I’m looking to breathe life into the best, biggest, and boldest idea possible. Every damn time.

I love talking in movie quotes, playing fetch with my dog Riku, and drinking beers with funny names. I might be addicted to cheeseburgers.

My resume

Beyond the typical

Oh, hey! Glad you stuck around. One of my biggest passion is to use my design skills for good. Below are various artist pursuits.

Fighting Cancer: I designed a skateboard for a fundraiser event where all proceeds go to Austen Everett Foundation, non-profit organization that empowers kids in their fight against cancer. I also designed the event’s logo.

My Muse: My instagram where you’ll find art that didn’t make it in my book.

I Made Movies: Before advertising, I was involved in the film industry. Check out my IMDB.